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Frequently Asked Questions

When will you open?

We are open now! The renovation is complete. The commercial kitchen is open for rental. The equipment can be rented for a fee for service basis. The freeze dryer will be available in the fall.


How do I book a tour?

To book a tour, please contact:
Call: 250-254-7131

Email: foodhub[at]


What equipment do you have?

  • Multi-Purpose (Liquid, Jam, and Sauce) Filling line for 250 ml – 2 L containers.

  • Labelling Line

  • Laser Lot Coder

  • Flash Pasteurizer

  • Freeze Dryer

  • Automated Dry Goods Packaging Machine

  • Bottle/Jar Lug Capper Line

  • Bag-in-Box Filler

  • Automated 341ml Bottling Line
  • Semi-Automatic 500mL – 1.5 Bottling Line

  • Vegetable Washer

  • Industrial Vegetable Cutter

How much does it cost?

The hourly rate for the commercial kitchen is $20/hour. A minimum two hour rental is required, with discounts for monthly bookings.

All other equipment is operated by trained Food Hub staff and is rented on a fee for service basis, based on quantity of product processed. There are separate rates for different pieces of equipment. Processors may assist trained staff to reduce costs.


What can I make at the Food Hub?

The Food Hub processes food made with fruit, vegetables, tree nuts and herbs.

  • Beverages (kombucha, fruit juices, botanicals)

  • Freeze Dried Products (vegetables, soups, ice cream, whey, fruit juice powders)

  • ​Fruit & Vegetable Products (salsas, juice, jams, sauces, syrups, antipasto, relish, pickles)

  • ​Food Service (pie fillings, purées, baby food, dried fruit snacks, bars)

How do I book services at the Food Hub?

Please contact us.

Call: 250-254-7131


Once you have signed a user agreement, you will have access to our online booking system.

What equipment do I need to bring when I rent the commercial kitchen?

Any specific tools to make your product. We provide a 10 burner gas burner stove, cooler, stockpot, commercial dishwasher and a Kitchenaid mixer. We also have available for an additional rental fee, a steam kettle, vegetable cutter and heat sealer.

What about packaging?

You will need to provide your own packaging, except bag in box packaging which is available for purchase at the Food Hub. Bulk packaging orders may be coordinated in 2023. 

Do I need to get a health inspection?

High risk or products for retail must be approved by Interior Health, and will require a food safety plan.


Information regarding certification, permits and all appropriate templates can be found at:

Expression of Interest 

Express your interest and tell us more about you by filling out this form!

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